I luvvvv palmtrees, and on hot days I love the cool wind blowing so what’s better than having a combination of the two? Well, here’s a cute and creative way to get both the palmtree and some cool air… that is… if you don’t get a chance to go to the beach with palmtrees.

Little Miss Piggy sitting by the palmtree which is a fan. Geniusly designed so it can be decoration when the fan’s not at work or put the fan to some practical use when it’s hot. Another great feature about it, is the flexibility for the fan to work. The fan can be powered by battteries or just a usb port, so you can just plug it in your computer.

Oh and let me just add, little piggy is not just sitting there, but she can be moved to either right or left side to trigger as a switch for the fan!


Little Miss Piggy Fan