A few weeks ago, I saw this documentary about “ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD,” a non-profit organization. The idea was initiated by the MIT Media Lab such that this revolutionary initiative would provide a laptop for every child in the world. Certainly, the goal is set high but it is one that is worth achieving.

The laptop provides kids in underprivileged areas of the world to learn and enhance their knowledge. It is given to the kids in schools that have enrolled in the program, One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement. Not only can the child get a laptop, but their family can also benefit in learning to use the laptops and engage in their child’s learning.

The design of the laptop is fun and attractive. I was immediately drawn to the funny colour of it, as well as the little ears which actually are broadband receptors. It is said that the receptors are so powerful, the technology they use for it is even more powerful than most wireless connection in popular laptops.

Another smart part of the design is the freecharge portable charger. In many cases, the child lives in rural areas that do not have electricity, so the portable charger can come in handy. All they have to do is crank it once around and they get 10 minutes of use. Now that’s one heck of a feature.

Since the laptop is giving to kids, they of course had to make it durable incase it ever got wet or dropped. Furthermore, its screen has a swivel and is a touchscreen.

This does laptop definitely sounds too good to be true. Well if you can afford you could buy it, but they said that if you do want one, you’ll also have to buy one for another kid that isn’t so privileged. Honestly, that’s still a good deal!

Applause the MIT Media Lab and Nicolas Negroponte who came up with this brilliant idea. One that changes the way that children learn all over the world. To give children the resources to learn is so vital, because once you do they can be free to explore their options.

For more info on “One Laptop Per Child,” check out the link below:

One Laptop Per Child

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