Let me just start of this category with this completely fannntastic hairtastic boldtastic funtastic movie, Hairspray! It’s actually a remake and also a play on broadway, but since I haven’t seen the original nor the broadway show, I’m just going to comment on the movie.

Hairspray isn’t just a fun movie, but underneath it all it covers a whole scope of societies issues and stereotypes. I think with humour, people will remember the movie and really notice the issues. Definitely with the movie crowd I was in, the movie really took everyone on a rock & roll rollercoaster. People would cheer for girl who so wanted her dreams to come true, giggled when the charming singer Link would swoon girls with a wink. They would become serious when there were issues mentioned about racial segregation.

At some points of the movie, I had reality checks since I really thought I was in the early 60’s. It was such a good time when everyone felt the same emotions as the movie progress.
The singing was sensational. It’s simply amazing that everyone could sing!
Blonsky was completely amazing as a new face in the movie. She’s perfect for her role. Travolta, Queen Latifah, Pfeiffer, Walken, Efron, Marsden, Bynes, and Kelley did equally well. I mean what else can you ask for when you have everyone dressed up in dresses and tux, got their hair done and sing their soul out even! John Travolta was such a sweet lass, he’s actually really good as a mum! All the main actors had at least one song.
I’m pretty sure they had a blast filming this movie as it really showed in the end result. As I’m writing this, I’m still singing the songs in my head. You leave the movie theatre wanting to dressup and go dancing swing 😀 Yes, they are that contagious!

I rate, Hairspray, a 5/5 completely KARMANICTASTIC MOVIE!