Okay, so there are countless numbers of flashlights that claim that you will only ever need that one, cos it’ll last you a light time. You know how there are many that don’t require batteries? Well, I find most of the those aren’t exactly useful since they hardly give out light. One recent product, UltraPower Zipping Led Pull-to-charge flashlight, might just be something that holds to its word.

The flashlight depends on a pulling action to a string attached to the gadget to generate electricity;a basic law of physics put to use here. Not only is it easy to generate the power, but the real test is how much light it really gives out. Since the flashlight consists of several LED lights, needless to say it’s very bright.

The flashlight also comes with some adaptors. The part where the flashlight can also generate emergency electricity for other gadgets like mobiles, is completely unique to this product.

An extra plus to the product is that the head swivels.

Well done!