Some of you might have watched the documentary directed by Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Truth.” A documentary worthwhile your time, as he explores the climate changes and the impact that our mother earth will have in the longterm. I would recommend the documentary to anyone who actually cares about this earth.

Many people read about global warming and its affects and ask, “What exactly can I do about it? I can’t change the world?” Well, he answers that exact question. It’s difficult to fathom that one person can affect the world, but just imagine if everyone thought the same thing. It does make a difference if you do your part in helping the earth. If everyone does their part, all together we can make a difference as a whole.

The statistics Al Gore were overwhelmingly terrifying. If anyone is looking the other way and saying that the earth is okay, and we can’t do anything about expansion of societies, well they are in denial.

As it happens, Leonardo DiCaprio is releasing a documentary on the same issue: Global Warming and what we can do about it. I would like to spread the word that people should watch, “The 11th Hour,” when it releases near you. The documentary is narrated and produced by Leo DiCaprio. A pivotal moment in humanity has arrived where we must decide if we want to make a difference on earth for the good of everyone, or will we be selfish enough to deny what is actually happen all around us?

Please spread the word to continue awareness of our earth!