With all the awareness of saving the earth, it’s difficult to balance growing infrastuctures and trying to slow down the CO2 emission. Designing efficiently with materials that are recyclable or help save energy is the way to go.

Sci-fi hotel

In Songjiang district near the buzzing Shanghai, there is plan to build a luxury hotel in the 100m deep abandoned quarry. Out of all the modern scrapers, this planned greenscraper struck me in awe. The drawing is like from a science-fiction episode. The idea of builing withing a quarry is original in itself. I’ve never seen a skyscraper that actually builds downwards instead of upwards. After all, the term skyscraper is that it appears to be reaching for the skies, right?

The scraper consists of a green roof to keep the hotel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Since the construction will be so deep in a quarry, the geothermal energy should be a resourceful part to the hotel. Moreover the use of the natural surroundings as part of its design is a smart way to define this structure as one-of-its-kind.

Skyscrapers are being constructed everyday all over the world. Some of the more recent scrapers have been named greenscrapers, since they are built with materials that can provide the inhabitants some, if not most, of their heat and energy needs. I admire the architects who can design the future and help conserve the energy sources. Efficient designs that are innovative and cuting-edge are the ones that really stand out of the crowd.

Sci-fi hotel at night

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