Who would have imagined that Jules Vernes’ idea about living underwater could actually be a reality. People have pondered over what lies in space, and yet our earth holds so much more unquestioned mysteries. Namely the ocean holds so much and is quite undiscovered as a whole.

The Poseidon Resort is located in the Fiji. In fact, the package will consist of living on the Poseidon Mystery Island in Fiji and a stay in one of the capsules underwater nearby the lagoon. The resort is opening in the beginning of early 2009, but you can reserve your place from the mid of September of this year.

The resort will allow underwater enthusiasts to explore and admire the aquatic view. Of course the idea of this massive 24 suites underwater could really ruin the whole ecology of aquatic life. Luckily the resort management has thought about the issue. We wouldn’t want to ruin the beautiful life of the ocean just for people’s pleasure (even though we are doing alot that already). The resort and a non-profit organization will be keeping an aquatic farm around the capsules to preserve the life of the species.

You can check the following virtual tour of Poseidon.

Of course, when there’s one you’re bound to have other people who will follow the idea. I’m not sure who’s idea it was first, but I’m sure in this case to envision an underwater hotel and actually taking the time to make it a reality while having the resources to build such a structure, is an amazing task in itself.

Hydropolis Hotel in Dubai is now in comstructions but will be completed by the end of 2007. Like in the last articles, there are visionaries who can make their imaginations to a reality. The hotel is built on the land which belongs to His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

The hotel consists of three elements: the land station where the guests arrive, a connecting tunnel that will have a train to transport people to the main are of the hotel, and lastly the 220 suites within the submarine complex. The complex is one the biggest constructions in the world covering an area of 260 hectares.

The Hydropolis suites are located 20m below the surface of the Arabian Gulf. The construction also has a 120m woven, semicircular cylinder which will arch over a multi-storey building.



Both of these hotels are really one of a kind. A hotel that will guarantee a completely unique experience.