In the previous articles, I mentioned about all these unique innovative hotels that were either under the water or in a quarry but let’s not forget about space. Yes, there’s going to be the first space hotel in 2012!

Who would have thought that only in a few more years, people could actually take a vacation to space? Of course, at first it’ll be wicked expensive! Well, let’s just say you need to pay 3 million euros for three-days. The space vacationers will have to be trained on an exotic island for eight weeks before they can be zoomed off to space to see 15 sunrises a day!

Galactic Suite

The space hotel, Galactic Suite, is designed by Barcelona-based architects. Naturally since the environment in space is so unique to itself, everything from the rooms to how people can take a shower needs to be thought of. The hotel capsules will consists of zero-gravity bathrooms which is not as easy to construct as it may sound and zero-gravity showers, where travellers will enter a spa-like room and floating cleansing bubbles of water will be floating around. As the travellers might enjoy the view of the earth, they will also participate in some scientific experiments on space travel. The capsules are designed so that the spacecraft will be attach itself to it.

Okay, so this whole 3million euros for 3 days is a (bit) much. Perhaps wait a few years and the prices will go down since there’ll be competition? It would be so great to see the stars up close and the earth from afar.

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