Nowadays there are so many types of cameras, mp3s and gadgets that it might be difficult to choose. Once in a while there comes one gadget that really stands out from the crowd merely because it’s just designed differently. PMP/navigator is a gadget that will have a lot of followers.

iRiver’s NV

The iRiver NV has a ton of features. It’s got mp3, video, navigator, 1.3 mpx camera utilizing a dual processor, stereo speakers, two SD slots and USB connectivity! That’s just the beginning. The nifty gadget has a stunning 7-inch (800 x 480 screen)!

IRiver’s NV

Needless the features on the iRiver NV is wonderful, but honestly it caught my eye because of the design. The sleek look with the lense on the side was definitely an eye-catcher. Intelligently designed with the use of space, the camera feature moved to the side allows more space for the LCD screen.

Well if you’re thinking about getting one, it’s only available in Korea right now. Hopefully it reach other countries. The device will cost around $536.

iRiver’s NV