Yes, you read correctly, believe it or not I’ve found a washing machine that can also do the ironing for you. Who wouldn’t want to have a washer that can do the ironing for you, and at the same time perhaps save you a few. I’m all for saving energy and being eco-friendly, and the LG eco-steam washing machine does exactly that.

LG, a Korean electronics company, has come out with a new washing machine that uses steam to wash clothes. Instead of filling the washer with water, their technology allows the machine to use steam jet. LG claims that since they use steam, the creases in the clothes will also be eliminated.

Of course, having an energy and water-saving washing machine is difficult to come by. This steam washer claims to save 35% of conventional machine and 21% energy save.

Eco-Friendly washing machine

Another benefit to the product is that it’s got a “direct drive system” so the drums will spin directly from the motor versus using a belt. As a result of this type of system, the washer will be much quieter.

Now doesn’t that sound like a brilliant washing machine?

This designed washer comes in the usual white color, but notice the picture below, there’s a floral design. Yes, you can also get a floral design on the washer for a bit more! Now, what more can you ask for… a washing machine that’s eco-friendly, does your ironing plus has some color design on it!