Once in a while there’s a new thing that will stun you. Yes, today I found something that really made my jaw drop. Sony has announced their development in making displays that are as thin as paper. Wait, but there’s more to it. It’s actually bendable! Yes, a bendable paper-thin screen. It’s said to be even clearer than lcd screens.

Honestly, I have heard the proposal of a moving screen as thin as paper. Initially I noticed about a paper thin screen when some MIT students were researching on that type of technology. Their idea was to have a foldable interactive map.

Just think, a few years more and people will be watching tv on even thinner screens. How about a rollable portable screen? Nifty idea! Or how about getting your entire room be the tv, you can have a moving-picture wallpaper… hmm perhaps a bit too much? Well, perhaps a moving-picture t-shirt 😀