Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a place where the air is non-polluted and waste-free? It does sound very surreal. You would think that once you have a population of people you would automatically have some form of pollution.

In Abu Dhabi, Foster+Partners will be building the first zero-carbon and waste-free city called Masdar City. The city will contain a wall of photovoltaic cells and wind farms that will supply the city its electricity. The area surrounding the city will be fields and plantations that will act as carbon sinks “to offset gases produced in the factories—and they will be irrigated with gray water drawn from the city’s water treatment plant.”

Masdar City will house around 45,000 people. Also the area will be car-free. Thus the city will contain their own railway.

Now here’s my question, if they claim that people will be able to commute into Masdar, wouldn’t those people pollute the city? Although this concept is extremely interesting while it uses the technology that we already have.

For more info, you can click on the following link Masdar City

Masdar City