I often think that the abilities of the nose are very often taken for granted. Needless to say, our other senses such as touch and the ability to see are what makes us human. But the nose is such an important part of heightening the rest of the senses, so that with smelling we can perhaps determine a mood or enhance a sensation. Something can taste so delicious, but it’s perhaps our nose that enhances the taste. Have you even seen something in the movies or even on the internet, and you wished you could actually smell it? Or have you ever smelled something so strong that you could actually taste it?

Within the media industry, there has been several attempts to enhance entertainment by smell. One of the earliest recordings of using sense within media is in a theatre in Pennsylvania, USA. A rose scented oil pad was put by the electric fan during the Rose Bowl Game.The “Smell-O-Vision” was a machine created by Hans Laube that was featured in the movie Scent of Mystery, produced by Mike Todd, Jr. in the 1960s. As the movie progressed, the audience would experience smells from the movie. Each movie theatre seats were customized with this “Smell-O-Vision” machine, and it would puff out a scent in-sync with the movie.  There has been other instances where going to a movie would include a scratch-and-sniff card, so that every time the movie gave a sign to scratch the card people could smell what the actors smells, well sort of.

Amusements parks such as the Universal Park, Florida has the Terminator and Shrek experience with smog and water spurting out at you. Unfortunately, spraying scents in a movie theatre might not be really easy in the long run. One main issue of using scents from the “Smell-O-Vision” was that once multiple scents would be sprayed in the room, the whole idea of smelling what the actors would smell at the time, would be defeated. The molecules of scents unfortunately stay. Now who ever will invent such a Smelltastic machine without having it being too overwhelming and then somehow clear the previous smell, now that idea will be revolutionary.