The picture below is not a Photoshoped picture of two cats. They are actually glowing in the dark.

These cats contain a chemical called red fluorescence protein (RFP). Korean scientists have recently cloned a few cats containing RFP. RFP is believed to be able to treat human genetic diseases.

The cloning scientists have manipulated the cats RFP levels, and by accident they noticed the cats glowed-in-the-dark. When exposed to ultraviolet beams, the cats glow.

The scientists are hoping that they can study genetic causes for humans on these cloned cats. Furthermore, they hope to see these cloned cats as the possibility to clone endangered cats such as tigers.

The whole glow-in-the-dark cat idea is overly strange. Not to mention, that humans are selfish in a way to tests on animals, even though they are cloned. How would it be to have a glow-in-the-dark human?

glow-in-the-dark cats