I have a passion for space, so finding out a company, who is dealing with everything to do with space, wants to possibly work together with the company I work at is completely exciting. If you’re like me; someone who finds space fascinating, you’ll have to see this video attached that is posted on their website.

The video shows space exploration with style and ease.

“The guarantor Europe’s access to space as the established leader in space transportation, satellite systems and services, Astrium has for over 40 years been dedicated to bringing you all the space you need – today and tomorrow. It is a mission which resonates with many of the most prestigious names in space – Ariane, the International Space Station, Envisat, Mars Express … It is a mission with a consistent commitment, to offer our customers the best possible solutions in the market, with unbeatable levels of, quality, cost-efficiency and schedule adherence.” – Astrium.eads.net