So there may be times when you’re on Youtube, and you press play expecting the video to load immediately… well that’s not always the case. Of course that’s usually to do with the speed with the computer / internet speed. Once you see the spinning wheel appear for a few seconds, most people would probably open another tab to go to another site or just close the site and move on.

Youtube has found an ingenious way to keep the viewers entertained. If you see the spinning wheel in the video you’re loading, click on the video to pause and press on the up/down buttons on your keyboard and you’ll see the wheel magically turn into a snake. Ahh… the classic snake game brings a bit of nostalgia and once you play, you’ll be hooked. Most of the time, you can be so caught up in playing that by the time the video’s fully loaded, you actually want to keep on playing.

With millions of youtubers, surely not everyone a speedy connection so in a lot of ways that’s a pretty considerate way on their part to keep people entertained as they wait for their video to load.