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Melting building

No it’s not Photoshopped! Check this cool architecture out in Paris.

Melting building.


It floats, it saves, it’s impressive!

The new architectural structure shaped like a slinky, designed by Alexander Remizov, is to sure to impress anyone who’s looking for ways to create buildings that can be self-sustained. The biosphere can sustain itself with storing energy from the sun and generating heat when needed. Furthermore, it might just be the solution to natural distasters as it can float on water thus withstand floods, and structurally can protect it self from tornadoes and earthquakes.

With the glass panels, the sunlight allows for plant growth within the biosphere so potentially people can live within a community in the Ark and be self-sufficient.

There are numerous of prototypes out there that emphasizes the subject of global warming awareness, but the Ark may be a good solution to the results of the rising natural disasters that’s already occuring due to the climate changes.

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The ‘Ark’ is green, floats and could house 10,000 people.