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Inspirations can come in any form, and sometimes the most meaningful ideas come from when people are in need. Doowon Suh, designer of Yanko Design, took the ideas of origami a further step to build compact and sturdy shelters for those in dire situations. Truly a form beyond function, the origami shelter is an inspiration to designers who want to help the world be better.

Origami Shelter by Doowon Suh » Yanko Design.


It floats, it saves, it’s impressive!

The new architectural structure shaped like a slinky, designed by Alexander Remizov, is to sure to impress anyone who’s looking for ways to create buildings that can be self-sustained. The biosphere can sustain itself with storing energy from the sun and generating heat when needed. Furthermore, it might just be the solution to natural distasters as it can float on water thus withstand floods, and structurally can protect it self from tornadoes and earthquakes.

With the glass panels, the sunlight allows for plant growth within the biosphere so potentially people can live within a community in the Ark and be self-sufficient.

There are numerous of prototypes out there that emphasizes the subject of global warming awareness, but the Ark may be a good solution to the results of the rising natural disasters that’s already occuring due to the climate changes.

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The ‘Ark’ is green, floats and could house 10,000 people.

Crowne Plaza may sound like just another hotel for you, but there’s one in Denmark that has managed to show some forward-thinking into the 22nd century. Yes… I’ll say the next century as they’ve managed to find an effective way to produce energy, save money, gain interest in an old industry and make money at the same time.

The Copenhagen Tower Crowne Plaza in Denmark has sparked alot of media interest recently due to their energy-efficient way to run the hotel. They encourage customers to go to their gym where they can cycle their way to create energy for the hotel. It’s rare nowadays to have something “free”, but at this hotel they’ll give you a voucher for dinner if you cycle for 20 minutes and of course you get the exercise!

The new hotel is also designed with an energy efficient kitchen where the waste is turned into bio-fuel.

2012 London Bus

London has been doing massive campaigns towards 2012 Olympics, and one of them will be the launch of newly designed buses. One of the most characteristic icons of London, if not England, must be the red double-decker buses.

The new buses combines the best of the new technologies and brings back one of the best known feature of double-decker buses. If you’ve seen the very old red buses, you’ll remember the back stairs that allows passengers to get off in the back. The new buses will have two stairs going up and will feature curves that no other buses so far have!

Fortunately, they have had the environment in mind as well. The bus models on the newest hybrid technology which will emit 40% less CO2.

One of my all-time favorite toys is Lego. Not only does it come from the country I love, but Lego’s one of those ageless toys where it can be anything if you have the imagination.

Lego has really thought outside their blocks now, with this really cool virtual lego display. What you’ll see is 2d turning into 3d, and it’s amazing!