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I finally found an article that actually has diagrams to explain the differences between UX/UI/developer roles! I need to spread the word as people misinterpret those terms all the time. I’m grateful and happy to have read this!

Melbourne, as in the city.

I’ve recently found myself trying to explain the difference between the skills I bring to a project as a UX Designer and why I’m not able to cover the role of a dedicated UI Developer.

There is of course a necessary overlap between the skills-sets in these roles, which is a good thing. And some individuals have a broader coverage of skills than others. However, people outside of these roles don’t always appreciate the specialist skills and focus that is required to work within them.

This as simply as I can describe the different skills required for each role:

  • User Experience (UX) Designer = Research + Design
  • UI Developer = Design + HTML/CSS/JS
  • Application Developer = Back-End coding + HTML/CSS/JS etc.

As much as I’ve tried to avoid it, I just haven’t been able to prevent myself from creating a Venn diagram to visualise this.

These different combinations of skills…

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Pantone and RGB

Pantone and RGB

RGB guy (left shirt) and a happy Pantone guy (right shirt)

High-res and low-res

High-res and low-res

High-res shirt (left) and low-res sweater (right)

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