In design, people usually recycle an idea. For example, alot of the retro designs are now coming back in some form or the other. Now here’s a thought, does that mean that people used to think even more futuristic things than we do now? I mean, look at the movie “2010”. We’re supposed to be in space with a talking spacecraft in 3 years? Then again, 3 years is a long time.

If any of you have seen some 1930-50’s movies like the Metropolis, you can definitely see that people have always been very imaginative. So anyway, I found this really cool looking coffee table today. It reminded me of a mac or even a iphone just cos they have the sleek edge and glossy finish. This table can be bought for $495 (only), well I’m not quite sure about the “only” part 😉 I just love this since it’s actually considered a retro antique, and yet it looks so futuristic at the same time.

You can check (or buy) the table at the following address: